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The advantage of having a law firm available guarantees timeliness, confidentiality and quality advice. Our partnership with Insight Studio Legale allows us to provide you a complete service supported by consultants and lawyers who work in synergy to achieve the best result for the client.

Find out how we can help you protect your intellectual property.
Every intellectual work can and should be protected to ensure its uniqueness.
Together, we can build a tailor-made path for protecting your works.

Patent filing

valorise your intellectual property

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Trademark registration

defend the creativity of your distinctive signs.

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Product design registration

protect the shapes of your products

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protect your works of genius

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Domain names

safeguard your presence on the web

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Practice areas

With 70 years of experience in the world of intellectual property, we can assist you in realising and safeguarding your creations and ensuring you receive the widest protection.
We can provide you with assistance in all sectors: our experience ranges from manufacturing, fashion and design, electronics, pharmaceuticals, to food and beverage, sports, IT and many more.
We can provide innovative and creative solutions for the protection of your intangible assets with a view to meeting your requirements and needs.

Food e Beverage
Food and Beverage

Life Science
Life Science


Moda e Design
Fashion and Design

We are always available to help you find the right solution to meet your needs. Contact us to find out how you can begin protecting your intellectual property rights.