ensure you get the best protection for your intangible rights

Legal assistance


from the Latin word assistere

“to stand by, help,”

equivalent to
as- + sistere “to (cause to) stand” (si- reduplicative prefix + -ste- (variant of sta- stand) + -re infinitive suffix.

What does legal assistance mean? It refers to the defence of your own interests in legal proceedings and out of court.
What is its purpose? Legal assistance enhances your intellectual property rights and ensures your defence against unauthorized uses by third parties.

From legal advice, to drafting a contract, to assisting you in legal proceedings, the importance of having lawyers at your side becomes synonymous with security and a guarantee for the client. Legal actions for protecting intellectual property and fighting back against counterfeiting are fundamental tools for the protection and defence of your intangible rights.

Thanks to the partnership with the law firm Insight Studio Legale, we can support you in any situation quickly and efficiently, whilst also guaranteeing the highest degree of confidentiality in relation to every aspect of the management of your intellectual property rights.
The constant exchange between technical consultants and lawyers allows a more in-depth evaluation of the strategy to be adopted as well as delivering a better and more attentive analysis on risk prevention.

Thanks to a team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and extensive practical experience in the field, we are able to provide you with support from the most traditional fields of IP to the most innovative and cutting-edge sectors such as FinTech, cloud computing, ISP (Internet Service Provider) platforms and software.