protect the works of your imagination



combination of combination of
“reproduction, diritto d’autore copy” and “right”.

The first true Italian law on copyright dates back to 1865.
Technically speaking it is a somewhat new legal institution.

What is copyright? It is a right attributed to the author of a creative work.
What is its purpose? Copyright protects intellectual works endowed with a creative nature.

All creative and artistic works may be protected by copyright. In particular, literary, musical, theatrical, artistic, cinematographic works, computer software and much more may be protected under copyright law.

Nowadays the infringement of copyright has become a widespread and ever worsening phenomenon, particularly on the Internet. For this reason, protecting your works is necessary in order to claim their authorship from third parties and to ensure that they are taken advantage of, to their fullest extent possible, also from an economic point of view.

We assist you in the copyright filing phase, as well as in its protection phase, both out-of-court, via the drafting of agreements for the assignment of the rights of economic exploitation of the work, and in court in possible cases concerning plagiarism and/or copyright infringement.