protect the shape of your products



from the French word desseindessein, in turn derived from the Italian word disegno, from Latin signum "sign"

What exactly is meant by design? It is an aspect or distinctive shape of a product or a part thereof.
Why do we need to register a design? To protect a particular aesthetic element of a product or a part thereof.

The competitiveness of a business also needs to factor in the aesthetic value of its products, to the point where the success of many businesses is in a large part due to their recognizable designs that have gained appreciation worldwide.
The design of a creation gives uniqueness and value to the shapes and forms created by a business or a designer and enhances its recognizability in the market.

Industrial or handcrafted products, whether two- or three-dimensional, or parts thereof (as long as they are visible), wrappings, packaging and other forms all may be registered as designs.
Protecting designs also means preventing any possible attempts by third parties at unlawful counterfeiting of drawings, packagings, and parts of a product, amongst other things.

We assist you both in the preliminary phase of creating your design to evaluate its requirements for protection, in particular by considering what is already available on the market, and in the phase of defending that design before the competent offices and in court (including, by way of example, actions for nullity, forfeiture, counterfeiting, etc.).