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Domain names


To begin with it was possible to search for websites only via strings of numbers (/addresses).

The registration of the first domain .com was in 1985.

What is a domain name? It is a distinctive sign that identifies your website.
What is its purpose? The domain name is an indicator of business origin and therefore serves to make a commercial activity more recognizable in the market.

Being the owner of a domain name is essential for those who intend to develop their business on the web, which - as is well known - is a tool that offers wide commercial opportunities without territorial limits, reaching a potentially infinite and previously unreachable number of users. In this sense, the domain name as well as being a distinctive sign of company’s recognition is also a vehicle for expanding the business online.
Registering a domain name not only protects you against any unauthorized uses by third parties but also allows your clients to find you with ease and as such makes you immediately recognizable in their eyes.

We assist you in the preliminary research to verify the presence of similar prior domain names, in obtaining the registration of the domain name, as well as in the protection of your domain name in proceedings before the Registration Authority or before the Italian Courts and arbitral bodies (including, for example, reassignment actions, counterfeiting actions, etc.).