guarantee the quality derived from the origin of good food

Geographical Indications


It was only in 1992 that the European Council authorized the registration of products via the labelling of a community (now European) symbol in order to ensure the protection of industrial property rights.

What is a geographical indication? It is a mark that serves to identify the origin of agricultural and food products.
What is its purpose? To protect certain qualities or other characteristics of an agricultural or food product which depend on its geographical origin.

The excellence of taste in the agricultural and food sector is a source of pride for every country.
The protection of good food and the territory of origin by means of geographical indications and designations of origin allows the owner to oppose unlawful attempts at imitation that can undermine the quality and uniqueness of agricultural and food products.
In addition, protecting your products solidifies the name of your company and enhances the value of your investments.

We assist you both in the preliminary market research phase, aimed at assessing the requirements for protection of your geographical indications, in the preparation of production specifications and up to registration of the designations themselves. We can also assist you in court proceedings concerning these matters.