About us

de Dominicis & Mayer

Our purpose is to assist you within Italy and abroad in the enhancement and defence of your patents, trademarks, designs, and any kind of work that is the result of your brilliance and creativity.

De Dominicis was founded in the 50’s in Milan by the two brothers Riccardo and Giovanni de Dominicis, whose vision was that of supporting businesses and their original ideas by defending their uniqueness and value. As years went by the firm consolidated as a reference point for intellectual property in Italy. The firm’s constant growth led to its expansion to an international level, which allowed de Dominicis to found a branch office in Munich in 1982. After the firm’s management under Silvia de Dominicis, assisted by her husband Hans Benno Mayer, today the business is managed by the attorney Patrizia Mayer, nephew of the historical founder Riccardo de Dominicis, who guides the firm de Dominicis & Mayer and carries on with dedication the ideals handed down by her grandfather and parents.

Our current clients operate in many fields, including the manufacturing, fashion, design, pharmaceutical, and electronic sectors. The experience acquired in seventy years in these businesses allow us to fully understand the requirements of any kind of industry. Our purpose is to assist and help give shape to your ideas, so that you may find a solution that is tailor-made to your requirements and needs.

The following are the stages of the process:

Verifications and preliminary research

We check, by means of preliminary research in the databases of the competent offices, the presence of any solutions or prior rights similar to those to be protected.

Object of protection

Based on the results of the preliminary research, we can advise you on the best strategy to follow moving forward, including drafting opinions on the requirements for patenting and/or registering your creations and inventions.

Filing and registration

We will assist you in the filing phase, up to registration of your intellectual property rights, thereby taking care of all related administrative tasks.

Maintenance and renewals

We also ensure that your industrial property rights remain active and to that end we perform renewal activities and manage maintenance fees.

Legal defence

Thanks to the partnership with the law firm Insight Studio Legale, we can also assist you in defending and protecting your rights in Italian and international courts of law, guaranteeing confidentiality, quality, and timeliness

The Team

The values of our team reflect the requirements of businesses: quality, timeliness, flexibility and efficiency. We have seventy years of experience in the sector, so we are familiar with the critical issues and problems concerning the field of intellectual property, and therefore we can provide you with all the support you need.

We can assist you, both in Italy and abroad, thanks to our judicial, legal and linguistic expertise, as well as through our network of consultants worldwide. Our aim is always to assist you in protecting and defending your intellectual property with transparency and professionalism.

The Professionals 

Patrizia Mayer - Lawyer – Chairman of the Board of Directors
Andrea Currarino – Chief Executive Officer
Alessandro Merolla - Lawyer – Of Counsel.
Annabruna Deidda - Patent and Trademark Office.
Sara Bonansea - Patent Office.
Alessio Quatraro - Translator – Patent Office.
Daniele Schianchi - Translator – Patent Office.
Carmela Summa - Patent and Trademark Office.
Vincenza Graziano - Annuity Office (Patents).
Katrin Brachthäuser - Annuity Office (Trademarks).
Beatrice Gallizia - Patent Office.
Nicoletta Bonini - Administration Office.