Salone del mobile
07.06.2022 / 12.06.2022 - milano

Feeling protected, like home

Our Team is here to explain about some strategies to follow in the field of furniture & design.

What assets does Intellectual Property provide for the furniture industry?

And why is it so important to protect designs, trademarks, patents and your intangible assets?

The Salone del Mobile di Milano is an exquisite showcase for all the furniture, furnishings and design professionals who attend it. An industry - the one of furniture - made up of study, innovation, commitment, care and dedication, leading to the creation of fine pieces and unique, cutting-edge designs.

In occasion of this 2022 edition, an event-revenge against the pandemic that has kept every fair blocked, securing the full protection of one's works becomes a prerequisite for the full enhancement of your business.

Counterfeiting, unfair competition, image damages and reduced turnover are just some of the many risks that companies face every day within the market. Appealing to the protection solutions offered by Intellectual Property can mitigate the damage of actions already underway, but more importantly it can prevent such issues from occurring and thus effectively prevent them. The importance of employing qualified professionals consists in the ability to build tailored protection strategies capable of being focused on your needs.

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Intellectual Property Protection tools at Salone del Mobile 2022: protection strategies in furniture & design.


The very heart of the furniture world: design is an essential and crucial distinguishing feature for anyone in the industry to protect. Design enhances the external form of an item and its two or three-dimensional decoration.


Furniture items are true pieces of art to be enhanced and protected. Architects and designers are the artists and sculptors of the furniture and environments in which we spend some of our best moments.

Patents and utility models

Don't let the right to implement your inventions pass you by and draw the right economic benefit. Whether it is a new locking system for drawers, fittings, slides, hinges, and many more, every improvement to an existing product and every new method can be protected by a patent or utility model.


Protecting your trademarks and distinctive signs allows you to protect your company's image both at home and abroad, ensure that you are recognizable among a thousand in the eyes of your audience.

Protection of Made in Italy

Quality, luxury, value and care of Made in Italy and 100% Made in Italy must be protected and enhanced. Current regulations are unclear, but the help of professionals can guide you for the complete enhancement of this asset.

Technical legal assistance

If you do not know how you can protect your business contact us. Our consultants are available to assist you in setting up the protection plan you need and that best suits your needs. We provide registrability, patentability and legal opinions for the protection of your business.

What if we told you that the protection of your business can start even before counterfeit products enter the market? Customs surveillance services can stop the circulation of copies and counterfeits within the territory placed under control.

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